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Maintaining your active lifestyle doesn't have to be hard. Dr. Sepehr Zandi, and the rest of the staff at Zandi Chiropractic, will address the aches and pains that come through being active. Zandi Chiropractic specializes in neck and back pain, headaches, and muscular tension.

During your first visit at Zandi Chiropractic Dr. Zandi will will give you a full evaluation. Once he has has an idea of what ails you he will explain what techniques he will use to help you and recommend various stretches to keep you from injuring yourself again.

Testimonial From Adam Howell for Zandi Chiropractic

Written by Kelby Sinka. Posted in Testimonials

I’m a professional guitar player and chiropractic student. I developed severe shoulder and arm pain that was effecting my every day playing, chiropractic adjustment abilities and livelihood. I decided to seek treatment and for ten months I received regular chiropractic treatment with ultrasound twice a week to my shoulder with minimal results.

By chance one day I happened to run into Dr. Sepe and explained to him my problem. He asked me to describe my pain and to show him where it hurt. I pointed to my shoulder and ran my fingers down my arm. He then treated my shoulder AND arm with FDM for about 20 minutes and the pain was gone! I stayed pain free for the next three weeks! Dr. Sepe and his use of FDM technique have been a life saver!

Adam Howell

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